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Fraud detection in Frontier
Fraud detection in Frontier
A comprehensive overview of the three different security levels employed by Frontier to safeguard your crypto assets
Written by Urvash Pratap Singh
Updated over a week ago

Fraud detection is a crucial aspect for any crypto wallet, and Frontier takes this responsibility seriously. The web3 space is no stranger to bad actors, and risk assessment is essential to safeguard your assets. Frontier employs a three-level risk assessment system to ensure that you can transact with confidence.


Transactions and protocols that are considered safe have no risk warnings. The Frontier interface will display a confirmation to indicate that the transaction is secure.

Medium-risk (yellow colored warning)

Some transactions and protocols may have minor security concerns, such as minor known vulnerabilities, but are still generally considered safe. In such cases, Frontier will display a yellow warning to alert you to the risk. You can still proceed with the transaction, but it is important to exercise caution and stay alert.

High-risk (red colored warning)

Transactions and protocols that are considered highly risky will be displayed with a red warning to alert you of the potential danger. This could be due to known vulnerabilities or an elevated likelihood of fraud or hacking. It is highly recommended that you avoid such transactions altogether. Frontier will not prevent you from transacting, but it is important to weigh the risks and proceed with extreme caution.

By employing this three-level risk assessment system, Frontier helps you to make informed decisions and stay safe in the web3 space. Frontier also continually updates its risk assessment system to stay ahead of potential security threats and ensure the highest level of security for its users.

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