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Customizing the network list
Customizing the network list
Choosing the right chains for your wallet is paramount to have all your favourite crypto assets in place under a single roof
Written by Urvash Pratap Singh
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Enabling/Disabling Networks on Frontier Wallet

Frontier Wallet is a versatile platform that offers its users the ability to interact with a variety of blockchain networks. However, not all networks may be required for a particular user's needs, and the user may want to enable or disable certain networks for security or convenience.

Here's how you can enable or disable networks on Frontier Wallet:

Mobile App

  1. Open the Frontier Wallet app on your mobile device.

  2. Navigate to the More tab.

  3. Tap on Manage Wallets.

  4. Here, you'll see a list of all your wallets.

  5. Click on 3 dots next to your selected wallet

  6. Click on Manage Chains

  7. Select the Chain you want to enable/ disable.

  8. Below the QR code, you can find the toggle option to enable or disable that chain.

Web Extension

  1. Open Frontier Wallet on your web browser.

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab on top left.

  3. Click on Manage Networks.

  4. Here, you'll see a list of available networks.

  5. To enable or disable a network, click on the three-dots icon and select Enable or Disable depending on whether the network was initially disabled or enabled respectively.

Adding/Removing Custom Networks on Frontier Wallet (Extension Only)

For advanced users who require additional functionality, Frontier Wallet's web extension provides the ability to add or remove custom networks.

Please note that this feature is not available on the mobile app. For more details, check out โ†’ Adding a custom network

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