The Frontier Browser Extension has been designed to connect with 1000+ dApps on over 35+ different blockchains. Like traditional finance, DeFi is no stranger to frauds and exploits. With this into consideration, a fraud detection engine was integrated into the Frontier Browser Extension to safeguard users from interacting with illegitimate dApps and signing malicious transactions.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to connect and transact with dApps using the Frontier Browser Extension

  1. Head over to your favourite dApp.

  2. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button, usually found on the top right of the dApp webpage.

  3. Choose "Frontier" as your preferred wallet choice.

  4. The Frontier Browser Extension starts scanning the dApp domain to verify its authenticity and prompts you to either connect to the dApp (if authentic) or to avoid connecting (if risks are identified).

  5. If the dApp has been marked safe, approve the connection.

  6. Now you can go ahead and perform your desired activity - swapping crypto, staking crypto, minting an NFT, providing liquidity, lending or borrowing crypto, etc.

  7. Once an activity is performed, the browser extension will pop open, asking you to confirm if you want to sign the transaction. The fraud detection engine comes into play yet again by checking the transaction details for any malicious intent.

  8. Once you have confirmed to sign the transaction, review the associated transaction details - token(s), gas fee, slippage, etc.

  9. You can then go ahead and approve the transaction. The time taken to complete a transaction will vary on the network and its current activity.

And that's how easy and safe it is to transact online with the Frontier Browser Extension. Happy transacting!

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