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How to secure your seed phrase?
How to secure your seed phrase?
Written by Vijayakumar Eswaran
Updated over a week ago

Your crypto wallet seed phrase (also called recovery phrase, mnemonic) is what guarantees access to all your crypto assets. It goes without saying that securing your key is paramount.

As a Web3 user, there is no middle player between you and the blockchains you access and store your crypto assets. Frontier Wallet allows you to transact and verify activity securely but never stores your seed phrase in the app or online. You alone have access to it, and are responsible for ensuring it is never lost, never shared with anyone, and always stored safely. Your wallet’s seed phrase allows you to restore your wallet anytime and regain access to your crypto assets.

REMEMBER: If you ever feel your seed phrase has been compromised, immediately create a new wallet and move your assets to the new wallet. See our guide for what to do if your wallet recovery phrase is compromised.

Here are some tips from us for you to secure your wallet seed phrase:

  1. Never share your seed phrase with anyone or any online service. Many scammers pretend to represent various support teams and often request you to share your wallet seed phrase over DM, forms, and other means. No matter the urgency or the reward offered, NEVER share your seed phrase with anyone.

  2. Some users save their seed phrases on everything from text files on their mobile phones/laptops, email drafts, or even some relatively secure password managers. While these might seem convenient, they are potentially dangerous if exposed or breached and should never be used.

  3. Offline is the way to go. Ideally, you should write down your seed phrase securely and keep is somewhere safe where you aren’t likely to ever lose it.

  4. Think beyond paper. Advanced crypto users often don’t trust paper to hold their precious recovery phrases, and use steel backups as an additional layer of security. You can consider various providers yourself.

  5. Splitting the seed phrase. Since the seed phrase is usually comprised of various combinations of 12 or 24 readable words, some users also like to split the words in sets of 3 or 4 and store them securely in different locations. Again, this is only a good idea if you can ensure it can be done safely.

  6. Cold wallets for security. Using hardware wallets is a secure way to store your assets safely. As long as you have access to your hardware wallet, you have access to your assets. Relatively expensive but should be considered for advanced users holding large sums of crypto assets.

Frontier Wallet additionally uses various security layers to ensure your wallet is secure and out of sight from prying eyes.

  1. Frontier PIN is a secondary security layer that ensures your approval is needed before approving any transactions. This ensures that your wallet is secure even if your phone is lost or stolen or is accessed when unlocked.

  2. Secure view allows you to tap on the eye symbol on the wallet home screen to hide your wallet values. This allows you to check any details on your wallet without worrying about anyone looking over your shoulder.

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