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How can I track positions on Frontier Wallet?
How can I track positions on Frontier Wallet?
Written by Vijayakumar Eswaran
Updated over a week ago

One of the features Frontier Wallet users enjoy most is its portfolio tracking capabilities. From your wallet, you can easily track your token portfolio, or your positions across staking, lend & earn, or other DeFi protocols.

You can track active positions for any wallet by tapping on the ‘Positions’ tab in the wallet home screen. Positions tracking is available for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Kava Network, Bluzelle, Zilliqa, and Harmony at this time. More networks will be available soon.

  1. Switch to your desired wallet.

  2. Select the ‘Positions’ tab.

  3. You should now see any active positions associated with the wallet.

The results will also display the name of the protocol and total value of holdings, assets, quantity, rewards or interest rate, present profit or loss, and more.

With protocols supported by Frontier Wallet, you can also use this screen to directly ‘Stake/Unstake’, harvest rewards, Deposit or Withdraw funds, or Add/Remove liquidity easily and within seconds.

Some of the popular protocols already supported by Frontier Wallet include:

  • AAVE

  • Curve Finance

  • Compound

  • Uniswap

  • Yearn

  • Balancer

  • Alpaca Finance

  • PancakeSwap

You can get an interesting preview of this feature by Tracking the Wallet with ENS address, ‘demo.eth’ under the Add Wallets section. This wallet has been created by our team so you can get a preview of the many features available in Frontier Wallet. Select positions and tap on any of the items to get more detailed information.

Go ahead and add any wallet address to track its positions, and better still, connect/import/create your wallet with Frontier to get a birds-eye view of all your positions.

If you want a protocol to be added, Tweet us at @FrontierDotXYZ and tag the protocol to let us know which one should be prioritized. If you are with a protocol team, you can reach out to our product team to initiate the integration process.

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