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How can I install and use Frontier Wallet?
How can I install and use Frontier Wallet?
Written by Vijayakumar Eswaran
Updated over a week ago

Frontier Wallet is available today on both Android and Apple smartphones. Support for more devices is coming soon. Meanwhile, here's how you can start using the Frontier Wallet today to securely access and transact on DeFi.

Open the Play Store and search for "Frontier Wallet".

Click install and wait until the application is finished downloading and will automatically be installed on your smartphone.

After downloading Click open, and select your language. After reading and agreeing to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Check the box and click continue

You are now ready to set up a new wallet, import a wallet or connect any wallet of your choice.

Set up a new passcode, confirm the passcode and Click “I understand” when you get a prompt to save your 12-word recovery phrase and click create wallet.

Enter the recovery phrase that you got earlier. Make sure to sort the words according to what you got.

Verify the phrase by entering the required words. Next, you have to enter your wallet details such as selecting the type of wallet. If you want a single wallet you have to untick the other chains on your wallet. Finally, enter your wallet name e.g Trading or investment.

If you have done all of the above, congratulations, you already have a Frontier Wallet account and are ready to use it to store your crypto assets.

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