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What are the essential features of Frontier
What are the essential features of Frontier

Frontier provides a non-custodial wallet which allows users to self-custody their crypto assets safely, here are some essential features

Written by Vijayakumar Eswaran
Updated over a week ago

Looking for a DeFi wallet to meet all your financial needs? You do not need to go further, Frontier is a mobile wallet aggregator for decentralized finance (DeFi) products and services just for you.

Let's unpack the essential features of the Frontier mobile DeFi app.

Store, send and receive tokens

Frontier provides a non-custodial wallet which allows users to self-custody their crypto assets safely beyond the reach of any centralized entity. With Frontier, users can safely store their crypto assets in their non-custodial wallet, as well as send and receive tokens from over 4000 crypto tokens across different blockchain networks.

Buy crypto assets

Frontier provides users with an easy fiat on-ramp into the DeFi ecosystem. By clicking a single "buy" button, users can easily load up on their crypto assets of choice using different payment rails such as MoonPay, ApplyPay, Card or Bank transfer. It's that simple.

Swap tokens

Frontier also comes with an in-app decentralized exchange which allows users to quickly swap between tokens in a fast and cheap way. By routing trades across different exchanges, Frontier provides users with the best market prices and very low slippage when swapping tokens.

Create, import and track multiple wallets

Frontier supports and works well with other non-custodial wallets. On Frontier, users can easily import or connect their favorite mobile wallets using WalletConnect. This makes it easy to track and manage multiple wallets at the same time from a single interface.

Manage NFT/token portfolio

Collate, sort, track and manage your NFT portfolio from a single user-friendly interface on Frontier. Frontier provides users with an easy way to explore NFTs and digital art collections in one place.

Explore DeF‌i

Frontier makes DeFi access simple, cheap and safe allowing users to take advantage of the numerous opportunities DeFi offers across multiple networks.


Tap into staking yields on various DeFi platforms and earn returns up to 20% in APR. Frontier makes it possible for users to stake their crypto assets and earn yields directly from a single interface. Users no longer have to hop from one blockchain network to another in search of staking opportunities.


Similar to staking, Frontier gives users access to different lending platforms across the general DeFi ecosystem. Users can deposit their crypto assets on Aave, Compound or on yield aggregators like Yearn Finance to generate passive income. All these from a single, easy-to-use user-interface.


Users can also provide liquidity on various DeFi protocols through Frontier. Frontier aggregates LP opportunities for users to explore. Users can therefore deposit their crypto assets and take on LP positions with ease to generate good returns on their assets.

By building great tooling and features to improve user interaction with DeFi, Frontier will continue to play a major part in driving growth and adoption across DeFi. Currently, Frontier supports over 30+ blockchain networks, including layer 2 sidechains, and more than 4000 tokens across these networks. With a user-centric focus, Frontier will continue to grow, integrate and expand across the broad DeFi ecosystem to better improve user experience and access to DeFi.

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