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What Crypto Assets can I track on Frontier Wallet
What Crypto Assets can I track on Frontier Wallet
Written by Vijayakumar Eswaran
Updated over a week ago

The multiple chains and layers of the blockchain can make it difficult for crypto users to track their crypto assets. But this is where Frontier Wallet comes in. Users can track and manage multiple assets and tokens regardless of what chain they are native to.

Let's take a look at the different crypto assets users can track and manage on Frontier.

Native L1 tokens

Layer 1 tokens like Ethereum's ETHER, Avalanche's AVA, Polygon's MATIC, Binance's BNB, Tezos TEZ, Harmony's ONE etc are essential tokens that are used to sign and process transactions on their native blockchain networks.


Frontier supports all major stablecoins, both centralized and decentralized, such as USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, FRAX etc. This makes it seamlessly easy for users to leverage these stablecoins to carry out activities such as asset trading, payment, payroll, remittances, lending and a suite of financial related services within DeFi.

Staking assets

With Frontier, users get the best platform to stake their crypto assets and manage their yields. You can stake assets like MATIC, ONE, KAVA, BAND, ZIL, and even less known tokens like SOS all from a single interface.

LP tokens

Liquidity provisioning is another common way to earn yields and make a passive income in DeFi. LP tokens are issued to participants who deposit their assets into a liquidity pool of DeFi protocols. Some LP tokens supported on Frontier include Uniswap LP tokens, Sushiswap LP tokens, LP tokens etc.

Yield bearing tokens

Yield bearing tokens are DeFi assets used to compound returns on DeFi protocols. Frontier allows users to deposit their assets on DeF‌i protocols like Aave, Compound or Yearn. In return, users obtain yield-bearing tokens such as aTokens, cTokens, or yTokens respectively, which they can easily track and manage efficiently on Frontier.


Frontier provides the best platform for users to collate, manage and track their NFT portfolio with ease. You can view and sort through your NFT collections and track your trading positions on one single dashboard regardless of which blockchain network each NFT is minted on.

Frontier aggregates the best of DeFi on a single, easy-to-use platform for the benefit of the user.

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