If you are sure that your wallet recovery phrase has been compromised, you need to act fast! Here is a step-by-step guide to help you protect yourself from any mishap.

You can start by creating a new wallet on the Frontier app as quickly as possible and transfer all your coins there if the hacker does not already have access to them.

See here for how to create a new crypto wallet on Frontier

Save your recovery phrase offline. Don’t have them copied and saved on your PC or mobile device. Write them somewhere safe.

However, if the hacker has already wiped your wallet clean, proceed to immediately create a new wallet and permanently delete the old one. Remember, you cannot reuse a hacked wallet as it has already been compromised.

Additionally, you can contact the relevant authorities and report your case of stolen funds if you plan on taking legal recourse to get your money back.

Following these actions, check your devices for any malware. You can install good anti-virus software and scan your device, mobile, tablet or desktop for any malware or malicious activity.

In the event that you notice any suspicious transactions or charges on your bank card or bank account (if they are in any way linked to your crypto wallet), call your bank immediately and inform them of the unauthorized transactions. Also, have them cancel your cards if they were linked to your crypto wallet.

In case you notice the attacker is trying to transfer the funds from your wallet to a crypto exchange, you can immediately report it to the relevant exchanges. Because most exchanges have a KYC process in place, a good exchange can help you identify the thief’s identity, potentially leading to their arrest.

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